Coalhole Covers of Spitalfields

LONDON, UK: Anyone who happens to spend time walking the sidewalk (or pavement if you’re English) in or around London’s Brick Lane will stumble across a few intriguing coalhole covers, predecessors to the manhole. The cover’s motifs provide clues to past trades, people and the culture that once made up the area of Spitalfields.

New Year, schmew year. Whatever.

Aside from actually taking my mother’s phone calls from time to time, I can’t seem to think of any resolutions for myself.

LONDON, UK: New Year, schmew year. Whatever. On day 4 of 2015 I thought I would take a few moments to post my 2 cents concerning the New Year and resolutions, and the holiday period in general. Continue reading “New Year, schmew year. Whatever.”

London’s Leake Street

LONDON, UK: As a graffiti spot, Leake Street came about in 2008 following Banksy‘s Cans Festival. Open to vehicular traffic before the Eurostar relocated to Paddington Station, it is now a pedestrian tunnel underneath Waterloo Station. Eurostar’s ownership of the tunnel transferred over to National Rail and a short time after that Banksy received permission to have his Cans Festival; ever since, the tunnel has been a graffiti-legal location in Central London. Continue reading “London’s Leake Street”

Art Impersonating Art: Gerard Byrne

LONDON, UK: While visiting the Whitechapel Gallery in London’s East End I was introduced to the work of artist Gerard Byrne, whose work impressed me enough to do a bit of post-viewing research. Simple enough, the Whitechapel Gallery describes Byrne as:

“Renowned for his films installations which re-enact conversations from specific historic moments, Irish artist Gerard Byrne’s (b. 1969) work explores the way we understand the present through revisiting the past.”

Continue reading “Art Impersonating Art: Gerard Byrne”

Gold Letter Boxes for Gold Medalists

WIMBLEDON, UK: This is cool. The Royal Mail has started painting letter boxes across the UK gold in honor of TeamGB and paralympicsGB gold medal winners. This particular letter box is on Worple Road in Wimbledon, dedicated to Sophie Hosking for her gold medal in the Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Rowing. I’m not going to pretend to know what that is, aside from rowing of course, but I love the innovative idea of commemorating these athletes.

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Gold Post Box
Gold Post Box