Remembering Tragedy

DELHI, INDIA: I suppose too some realisations come a bit late. In recalling the days that followed 9/11 I spoke to my friend about how so many people rushed to the local hospital to donate blood, then as time passed it became more apparent this was in vain – there would be no survivors who would need the transfusions.

DELHI, INDIA: Today I was speaking with a friend about nothing in particular when the conversation drifted towards my time in New York and recalling what it was like to live there under mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg as one elected official transferred power to the other during 9/11.

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Art Impersonating Art: Gerard Byrne

LONDON, UK: While visiting the Whitechapel Gallery in London’s East End I was introduced to the work of artist Gerard Byrne, whose work impressed me enough to do a bit of post-viewing research. Simple enough, the Whitechapel Gallery describes Byrne as:

“Renowned for his films installations which re-enact conversations from specific historic moments, Irish artist Gerard Byrne’s (b. 1969) work explores the way we understand the present through revisiting the past.”

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