London’s Leake Street

LONDON, UK: As a graffiti spot, Leake Street came about in 2008 following Banksy‘s Cans Festival. Open to vehicular traffic before the Eurostar relocated to Paddington Station, it is now a pedestrian tunnel underneath Waterloo Station. Eurostar’s ownership of the tunnel transferred over to National Rail and a short time after that Banksy received permission to have his Cans Festival; ever since, the tunnel has been a graffiti-legal location in Central London.

I literally stumbled upon this location one day as part of my commute to The City. Being conveniently located on the South Bank of London, the site has a lot of visitors – locals who are commuting to and fro, and tourists wandering through on their way to the attractions along The River Thames. The tunnel is mostly covered in graffiti but there are the occasional street art pieces that pop up. Most of the work is covered up quickly, so you are guaranteed to see something new each time you pass by.

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