Other People’s Blogs

  • Butterfly Mind – The author of this blog, Andrea Badgley, writes about her musings and observations with humor and wit. Occasionally she’ll throw in a nice graph to illustrate her thoughts.
  • Long Reads – A particularly good blog for those rainy days you are finding it hard to get out of the house but have already read everything in the house.
  • Spitalfields Life – I live in Spitalfields, so this blog appeals to my curiosity about the neighborhood, its history, people, past, present and future. I recommend starting with the post My Love Letter to London.
  • The Saucy Milliner – If I could come back as something it would be a ladies hat, or a milliner. A Seattle based milliner with that retro style I love so much.
  • Ukulele Hunt – A phenomenal site for anyone who is a ukulele player. A resource for chords, videos, uke news, and ebooks that help with everything from begginer ukulele practice to strumming.

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