Coalhole Covers of Spitalfields

LONDON, UK: Anyone who happens to spend time walking the sidewalk (or pavement if you’re English) in or around London’s Brick Lane will stumble across a few intriguing coalhole covers, predecessors to the manhole. The cover’s motifs provide clues to past trades, people and the culture that once made up the area of Spitalfields.

London’s Leake Street

LONDON, UK: As a graffiti spot, Leake Street came about in 2008 following Banksy‘s Cans Festival. Open to vehicular traffic before the Eurostar relocated to Paddington Station, it is now a pedestrian tunnel underneath Waterloo Station. Eurostar’s ownership of the tunnel transferred over to National Rail and a short time after that Banksy received permission to have his Cans Festival; ever since, the tunnel has been a graffiti-legal location in Central London. Continue reading “London’s Leake Street”